Industry Speaks

"The Indian Professional Housekeepers’ Association takes upmost pride in being associated with Clean India Journal for the International Housekeepers’ Summit 2016 along with the other Housekeepers’ Associations of the world.

IPHA is a young, professional and educational organization for individuals involved in or directly affiliated with Housekeeping in hotels, hospitals, facilities management and allied professions. Launched in January 2015 IPHA is an upcoming and dynamic organization of housekeepers for learning, upgrading standards of cleanliness, personal growth, professional development at the corporate level and connection to the hospitality industry worldwide."
Vaishali Sinha,
General Secretary - IPHA and Director Housekeeper, Meluha - The Fern, Mumbai

" IHS 2016 underlines the strategy towards Housekeepers empowerment and its efforts to drive and facilitate global dialogue. We are looking forward to the IHS 2016 as it will not only showcase the latest trends in the cleaning industry but also deliver a powerful platform for new perspectives to key issues in our continuous strive to aspire Housekeeping Managers to take on a corporate role.

The UAE Professional Housekeepers Group, formed in 2002 provides a platform for information, communication and exchange of best practices. Knowledge and continuous education in the field of cleaning technology is of utmost importance as the cleaning industry is changing rapidly. As the UAE’s hospitality Industry continues to grow, it is of utmost importance to develop a regional association of Housekeeping Professionals, which will promote the interest of the housekeeping profession and gain respect both locally and internationally."
Tatjana Ahmed,
General Secretary-Professional Housekeepers’ Group-Dubai
and Housekeeping Manager, Grand Hyatt-Dubai

"Maldives Housekeepers' Forum is pleased to associate with Clean India Journal for the International Housekeepers' Summit. The theme of IHS 2016 aims at different kinds of strategies in the housekeeping department of hospitality industry, with a new thrust on the latest trends in the cleaning aspects of housekeeping. It also lays emphasis on fresh new avenues of improvement in the housekeeping such as, uniforms and their design as a style statement, empowerment of housekeeping staff and their role in providing sustainable development in the industry. It will provide access to enterprising housekeeping managers to have a face-to-face contacts and exchange ideas with manufacturers and supply chain managers of different utilities in the housekeeping department. We look forward to be in this high level knowledge sharing platform."
Hari Krishnan,
General Secretary, Maldives Housekeepers Forum

"The Doha Housekeepers' Group is excited to be associated with Clean India Journal for the International Housekeepers' Summit 2016. Strategies in the housekeeping department play a key role in developing a strong well-managed and experienced team, as this increases the efficiency of the operation and has a significant impact on the hotel’s profits. To develop such fantastic team, we have to come out of our peripheries to keep self-updated with new trends and better way of working like this forum which IHS has provided us to "Work Better Together" where everybody from different genres, different areas, share their expertise and insights to develop the fraternity in the right direction and aspire budding housekeepers to develop themselves in future roles. "

Prabhat Shukla,
General Secretary, Doha Housekeepers’ Group

"It is a great honour to participate in IHS, since it is the 1st ever International housekeeping event in India. Surely, we will gain a lot of innovative ideas & experience. And as rightly pointed, the inputs that we provide to our corporate clients redefine housekeeping on a whole new level."


"IHS is a great platform for housekeepers across the globe to share their best practices and come to terms with latest offerings related to hospitality division. Such platforms serve as a refresher for housekeepers who have been in the industry for long time. A clean hotel is guest’s first priority and thus the need of innovation and redefinition is required at regular basis for Housekeeping. Our markets are changing and so are our clientele and their demands; in order to be ahead of the game, we need to challenge our practices to become the best."

Pamini Hemaprabha,
Executive Housekeeper, Regional Rooms Specialist (Master Trainer), Emirates Palace

"The abbreviation IHS defines by itself the importance of the event. It is a great opportunity to meet housekeepers from worldwide and know their best practices which they have implemented in their property and also to share our views and thoughts to ameliorate our day to day operations. Housekeeping should be redefined in the corporate strategy. It is one such department where a small change can make a big impact. This will encourage all the housekeepers around the world to be proud of their profession and give their best out of them. "

Saravanan Alagappan,
Executive Housekeeper, Kempinski Hotel & Residences, Palm Jumeirah

"Working in the field of Housekeeping is not an easy job. It endures a lot of patience, determination and perseverance in order for you to come up with a profitable and competitive outcome. Housekeeping is the most diverse department in the hotel as it plays a vital role and is always behind the scene. Our role covering different aspects is enough to say that we play an essential part in the efficient operation of the workplace."

Sylvia Darvi ,
Director Of Housekeeping | ATANA HOTEL

"It is high time that housekeeping must be given its due recognition and the department should be included in the main stream operations, if rooms are not serviced with right procedure in the right time it will affect the guest’s experience."

Mohammad Ibrahim ,
Manager-Housekeeping, VITS - Luxury Business Hotel

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